Madura - Excellence in Tea

Experience a taste of Australian paradise with every sip of Madura tea.

We are a family tea company offering the finest, natural selection of traditional and exotic tea harvested in ideal, sub-tropical conditions on Australia’s east coast.

Naturally low in caffeine, high in antioxidants and rich in flavor, Madura tea is cultivated amongst pristine, world heritage rainforests and unpolluted rivers.

We offer more than 24 tea styles, from traditional full-bodied blends to exotic spiced teas, naturally flavored green teas and unique herbal tisanes. Our estate tea is blended with the finest imported tea, picked at its peak to bring you a consistently superior brew.

Madura has been growing, blending and packing all-natural tea on the estate since 1978. Today, it is owned by four local families who are passionate about working with nature to create uniquely Australian tea that promotes health and well being.

At Madura, we believe that sustainable business is good business. We have preserved and nurtured our delicate ecosystem since the first tea bushes were planted, creating a safe and thriving environment for native Australian animals and plants. Our imported tea is grown by estates who share the Madura commitment to ethical, sustainable tea growing.

Madura tea is rigorously tested for bacterial, herbicide and pesticide contamination, and packed on our estate to guarantee freshness and flavor from plantation to cup.

We are Australia’s leading producer of specialty tea.

Experience Madura tea – the perfect way to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with nature.